Quantitative Research Services

Machine learning for systematic trading

Scorelab is a quantitative consultancy firm providing innovative technology solutions to the financial sector. We are a team of PhDs, quantitative analysts, data scientists and software engineer that run advanced trading strategies and research for our clients.

We specialize in machine learning application to systematic trading. Our extensive knowledge in machine learning differentiate us from our competitors. Consistent technological watch and research in AI allows us to stay ahead of the field.

Our Services

Scorelab believes there is nothing more important than partnership with our clients. We constantly innovate and build solutions to meet their needs in this ever changing market environment.


Backtesting methodologies


Trading strategies developpement


Application of physical models to trading


Portfolio optimisation for asset management

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Scorelab.hk is the Representative Office in Hong Kong scorelab.io, the main startup company based in France. For enquiry, please contact us at info@scorelab.io or call our office
in Hong Kong at +852 64 888 346

Looking for more infos? Visit our main website: scorelab.io